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Power and Efficiency Evaluations for Large Steam Turbine Generators 


  • Testing for Acceptance &. Performance.

  • Unit Acceptance Support.

  • Contractual Performance Guarantee Development, Analysis and Reduction.

  • Engineering Studies /  Power and Efficiency Impacts Due to Plant Modifications.

  • Power and Efficiency Testing and Losses Determination.

  • Engineering, Operational and Maintenance Support.



  • Large Steam Turbine Generator Acceptance and Other Performance Testing - NNETEX can test your large steam turbine to insure contractual performance compliance or confirm that your unit is operating properly with the losses in power and efficiency at specified conditions.  This is done with high accuracy instruments and precision computations.[H]

  • Problem Attention Immediate and World Wide* Neural Network Express Inc. (NNETEX) is committed to providing problem resolution to satisfy immediate concerns.  This includes evaluating data as received.  [H]

  • Definitive Focus for Recovery of MWs and Efficiency-  Once the proposal is translated to action the results will produce specific recommendations for recovering MWs and efficiency. [H]

  • Unit Acceptance Support NNETEX is responsible for understanding the technical aspects of the turbine performance guarantees in full.   A strong support team is needed to address the written guarantees by keeping in mind the required tests to follow.  NNETEX can assist you by helping to produce a well thought out acceptance plan years before testing.[H]

  • Contractual Performance Guarantee Development- NNETEX understands the guarantee and the technical nature of the testing to support it.  Underestimating requirements can result in a weakened position. Agreements should achieve the overall performance goals, while considering the testing limitations.  This will further substantiate test results. The codes are complex and their interpretation requires in depth understanding.  NNETEX will provide your technical needs relating to contractual performance guarantees. [H]

  • Problem - Magnitude Analysis and Verifications After turbine problem descriptions are collected, the turbine available Commissioning/Acceptance data and turbine performance history, outage and operational observances can be used to determine the performance testing and analysis procedures and plans. [H]

  • Power / Efficiency Loss Evaluations - Large power plant production and efficiency loss evaluations will provide you with the information for your next outage.  NNETEX provides a work list for next outage detailing work / incentives.[H]



For more information please call Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. (CST).


Contact :

001-832-283-0245  USA

00353-86-241-3887  IRE






  • Acceptance and Performance Test Evaluations - Many factors go into developing the performance guarantees which are the reference or basis for the new unit acceptance.  Guarantee agreements should provide information guidance for the test plan.  NNETEX can assist you in preparing and analyzing such documentation.  NNETEX can assist you in detailing the new performance guarantee specifications as well. If you already have guarantee specifications written then we can review them since many times these specifications will need reductions and test plans made for them.  Performance test evaluations can be achieved using various methods including utilizing past acceptance or commissioning data and can be assisted with special plant instrumentation.[H]


  • PEPSE™ Modeling / Support - Performance Evaluation of Power System Efficiencies (Scientech Product formerly Halliburton-NUS) Tools used for modeling and support.  This modeling tool has been utilized for more than the last 25 years and can evaluate the resulting influences of specific equipment parameter design changes on power plant performance.   The modeling can be used for studying the interaction between specific design parameter changes and accurately determine stream  properties throughout the cycle, mass and energy balances for distribution of power and measurement of efficiencies.  Design factors for various components of boilers, turbine cycles, feedwater heaters, heat exchangers, pumps, turbines etc. can be evaluated individually, grouped or within the whole system.  This can be used for balance of plant, specific component, group components, or whole system evaluations.[H]

Commitment - Services:

  • Analysis and Reduction.

  • Power and Efficiency Testing and Losses Determination.

  • Power/Efficiency Impacts Due to Plant Modifications.

  • Engineering, Operational and Maintenance Support. [H]

Additional Work[H]:

  • Energy Audits.

  • Balance of Plant.

  • Training.

  • Engineering Support.

Other Commitment - Services:

  • World Wide* Attention and Support.

  • Steam Path Outage Evaluations.

(Methods used involve PEPSE™ Scientech (SCI), special instrumentation and tools, testing, modeling and analysis)

* Exceptions are at the sole discretion of Neural Network Express Inc. and may change according to the situations.



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