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A Texas Licensed Professional Engineer (TBPE) with over twenty five years experience working in power engineering.  Expertise in steam turbine power / efficiency losses and utility related commissioning of major equipment.


1995-2004      Saudi Electric Company (SEC), Box 5190, Dammam Saudi Arabia

Engineer - Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, LTD (MHI) / Bechtel, Inc. (Bechtel) Consortium Capital Project Reported comparison to Team, Management and Mitsubishi Consortium; evaluated high accuracy test data to insure contractual performance agreements were met including:

·              Commissioning Team - Turbine-Generator Performance Area.

·              Report Writing to Middle and Senior Management.

·              Major Equipment Acceptance and Specification Evaluations.

·              Performance Guarantee Evaluation and Acceptance.

·              Turbine-Generator Acceptance Test Procedures.

·              Turbine-Generator Performance Guarantee Test Data Evaluations.

·              Turbine-Generator Acceptance Test Agreement Development.

·              Major Projects Participation. (Billion+ USD).

·              High Accuracy Test Data Collection Lead.

·              Specifications for On-Line-Monitoring and Instrumentation.

·              Oversight of Major Equipment Performance and Efficiency.

·              Training and Usage - PEPSE Modeling (Scientech – Performance Evaluation of Power System Efficiencies)

·              Reporting and Implementing Actions for Process Equipment Improvements.

·              Business Performance Improvements- Efficiency and Power improvement recommendations..

·              Major Energy and  Efficiency Loss Reduction Evaluations.

·              AutoCAD, MS ACCESS Projects

 1979 - 1994     Houston Lighting and Power, Houston Texas, U.S.A.

Lead Engineer:  HL&P (Houston Lighting and Power) Performance Engineer- Houston Industries, currently Reliant (REI) / NRG Energy, Inc. (NRG)/ Centerpoint Inc. (CPT) and other Companies evaluated high accuracy test data to performance standards

·              Major Equipment Performance Lead Engineer -Greens Bayou Station, Sam R. Bertron Station, Deepwater Station, P. H. Robinson Station

·              Air Pollution Control Commission Reporting

·              Acceptance Testing Lead - Low Pressure Large Steam Turbines, feedwater high pressure heaters, auxiliary boilers.

·              System Wide Appraisal Evaluations Program for Director Bonuses.

·              Evaluated Treatment systems including major lake studies.

·              Tested and reported regularly process equipment, systems and equipment performance and efficiency.

·              Major Equipment Guarantee Penalty Evaluation Testing.

·              Oversight of Contracted Engineering Groups.

·              High Accuracy Instrumentation Lead Engineer.




1985 – 1990    University of Houston Clear Lake, Texas, U.S.A.

               Masters of Science in Process Control – Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Society.


1977 – 1979    Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

                      Bachelors of Chemical Engineering Degree – Briaerean Honorary Society.


1973 – 1976    Millsaps College, Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.A.

                      Bachelors of Science – Chemistry Honorary Society.



PUBLISHED Business Web Site “Neural Network Express Inc.”,
World Wide Web., 2005 .

PUBLISHED   “The Use of PEPSE in Evaluating Extending the Time between Major Outages”;  Presented at the 21st Annual Performance Software User’s Group Meeting Chicago, August 2004.

NOMINATED AND SELECTED to represent Owner’s Engineering Performance Side of Saudi Electric Company’s Ghazlan II Project located at Juaymah Saudi Arabia and in Plant Performance Acceptance Committee dealings with Mitsubishi and Bechtel Consortium. (Four 638 MW Gas Fired Units)

AWARDED LETTER OF COMMENDATION from Saudi Chamber of Commerce – Dhahran, Saudi Arabia acclaiming my Excellent Service and Engineering work and keeping doors open for my return to the Kingdom for Work - March 2004.

COMMENDATION for work on Engineering Work Order Information System Implemented in 1996 resulting in High Audit Marks for Engineering Department.

SELECTED to represent Owner’s Engineering Performance Side of Saudi Electric Company’s QPP Project located at Qurayyah Saudi Arabia and in Plant Performance dealings with Mitsubishi and in regard to power and efficiency evaluations (Four 625 MW Gas Fired Units)

SELECTED to represent Owner’s Engineering Performance Side as lead engineer for major acceptance testing of steam turbine generators. Houston Texas.  This included PH Robinson Unit 4 Low Pressure Turbines.

PRESENTED AND PUBLISHED “Plant Operation Improvements Using Testing and Analysis” (Presented at the Power-Gen 1994 Conference in Orlando)

AWARDED LETTER OF COMMENDATION by GROUP VICE PRESIDENT for technical contribution to low pressure operation evaluations at Greensbayou Station.

AWARDED BONUS for process control improvements leading to substantial savings ($millions) in operational costs at Greensbayou Station.

B. A. Brasseux, System Identification and Adaptive Controls.  Thesis, Copyright 1990.

Professional Engineer State of Texas (License # 75373)

Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Society Academic

Briaerean Honorary Society Academic



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