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The following list of work summarizes other miscellaneous work performed.

    GENERAL [H]:

  •  Reconciliations for Fuel Gas Invoice Variations.

  •   Heat rate / incremental heat rate evaluations.

  •   Simple Cycle Gas Turbine performance evaluations.

  •  Power Plant Cooling Lake Environmental Evaluations.

  •  Performance Evaluation of Power System Efficiencies    (PEPSE™) Training.

  •  MS ACCESS Database Design / Revisions / Security etc.

  •  Control Evaluation and Software Designs.

  •  Software Developed for Power Plant Ratings.

  •  Software Developed for Circulating Water Pump  / Cooling Tower Fan /turbine Unit Operation Optimizations.

  •  Software Developed for Cooling Lake Energy Balances.

      AUTOCAD [H]

  •  P&ID drawings.

CONTROL AND System Identification Related [H]-

  •  Heat Exchanger System Identification for adaptive controls.

  •  Copyrighted TOOLS for Proprietary Evaluation Software Developed.




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